In loving memory of

Wendy Maureen Parker

Wendy Maureen Parker Profile Picture

13 February 1946    to   26 February 2021

On the 26 February 2021, we lost the most loving, caring and beautiful wife, mother, sister and daughter from our lives - Wendy Maureen Parker (nee Chittock).

This page is an enduring dedication and celebration of Wendy's life and legacy.

It is sometimes said that you actually die twice - once when you take your ultimate breath, and once when your name is said for the last time. This memorial aims to keep Wendy's name alive in hyperspace for as long as humans collectively maintain an archive of the internet.

The Universal Contract

At the moment of conception, each of us signs a contract with the Universe. We agree that we will borrow energy and matter from the Universe and assemble that energy and matter into a human being. That energy and matter that we have borrowed will allow us to be sentient, to think, to love, to care, to have and to cherish the entire gamut of human emotions. It will allow us to meet another human of the opposite sex with whom we can create new life, new hopes, and new dreams.

And we unconsciously sign that contract, but as we grow up, we learn that one day we must return that energy and matter, those atoms which we have borrowed, which came from stardust - the atoms of our left hands coming from different stars to those atoms of our right hands. We must see out our side of the contract with the Universe and return that energy and matter to go onto eventually form new stars, new planets, and before that, new lives.

In Universal terms, we are alive for a mere instant, but we have a profound affect upon the Universe in that instant. We show it love and compassion, and the Universe is a richer place for it.

So now that Wendy is returning her atoms to the Universe, we celebrate her life within it. After our initial sadness at the loss of such a warm, loving lady, we remember Wendy as she would have liked to have been remembered - with love and joy.

Rest in eternal peace xxx

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